Emergency Roof Repair

Ethos Restoration Group is the best choice when searching for an emergency Roof Repair Company.  Here’s why!

Fallen Tree and HouseOf course the last thing you want to do when going through the hassle of an emergency roof repair is worrying about whether or not your roofing company is going to do a good job or not. With Ethos Restoration Group we take the worry out of finding a good roofing contractor on the fly. Finding an emergency roofing contractor can be tough because searching through all of the background information, references and other details of their business operations can slow you down when you need to find a roofing contractor right away to get your roof repaired as fast as possible.

So how do you know when your emergency roofing contractor is the best of the best? Use the following tips to help you find the right roofer to repair your home or business.

• Licensing – The most important part about hiring any roofing repair company is their license. The correct license information will not only ensure your roofing contractor will perform the work according to state and local building codes, it will also make certain your roofer won’t get you in trouble with local building codes and laws.

• Insurance – This important document ensures that the homeowner and your potential roofing contractor aren’t responsible for costs incurred if workers get hurt or materials are damaged or stolen on your roofing repair project. Ask Ethos Restoration Group for liability/builders risk and workers compensation insurance before you sign any work orders.

• Same Day Service Guarantee – They don’t call it an emergency roof repair for nothing. If your roofing contractor won’t come to repair your home or business the same day, then they aren’t an emergency roof repair service. Then you should contact Ethos Restoration Group immediately. We offer roofing repair services that offers same day service guarantees and you’ll be sure to find a reputable roofer who understands that getting the roof repaired—rain or shine—is the most important part of any emergency roofing repair project.

• Warranties – No matter how expensive or how long they are supposed to last, your roofing materials are only as good as the roofing company that installs them. Finding an emergency roofing repair service that offers matching warranties on goods and labor is the best way to find a reputable roofing contractor on the fly. At Ethos Restoration Group you can rest assured that our materials are top notch.

Knoxville-water-restoration-240x113• Insurance Paperwork – When an emergency roofing repair is needed at your home or business, dealing with the frustration of cleaning up and getting your life back to normal is stressful enough without having to deal with an insurance adjuster. When you’re looking for a roofing contractor that is experienced, finding one that has plenty of expertise handling insurance paperwork can ensure your emergency roofing repair project goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Contact Ethos Restoration Group immediately, we can provide advice on restoration or replacement of your damaged roof.